Damien Nichols and Team

Are you looking for an Art Director, Production Designer, Sets Buyer, and/or any Art Department Assistance!

With experience in full feature films, YouTube content, fashion photography, independent projects, and music videos, we can help! -
additional crew (opt)

Continuity is a major focus, along with timing, budget, organization, inventory, receipts, period, temperature, and overall quality.

Local prop house connections, and experience with all of the options in Los Angeles.

Nicknamed, 'Speedy Gonzales,' by prior union designers; Damien has shown his ability to track down and deliver the perfect items faster than thought possible, and with the highest quality possible..

Coming Soon

You Get Me - Awesomeness Films - DreamWorks- 2017

Recently Released

Ramsey - See You Bleed - Music Video 2016

Older Publicly Released Projects (Playlist)